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Discipline Policy

At KIDS ARE ANGELS, we view discipline not as a means of punishing a child who has acted inappropriately, but rather as a means of teaching a child. Positive discipline teaches children where the limits are set, how to maintain control over their bodies and how to problem solve in the event of conflict.

Since the purpose of discipline is to teach, more verbal children should be encouraged to use their words when conflict arises. This helps children empathize with one another’s feeling and really see the results of their actions. We do not ask a child to apologize for their actions. Generally, they are not sorry for what they did. If they are truly sorry, they will apologize on their own.

Limiting a child’s choices of activities due to inappropriate behavior is an effective means by which to teach children to respect property and one another.

Separation of children may become necessary in the case of two or more children having extreme difficulty playing together without conflict. The teacher will assign appropriate play areas for the children, with the message that they may try playing together again later if they do well on their own.


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