Hyperbaric oxygen treatment: a helper to brain

Modern technology has often been helpful for the ordinary human. It mostly benefits the people. Same has been happening in the field of medicine. There are several life saving devices that have been developed so far that find a great use in all medical purposes whether they are equipped in surgery or some other treatments.

Oxygen therapy is one of those beneficial therapies that have been developed so far. It’s a type of treatment that is recommended in certain cases that involves the use of a special chamber called hyperbaric chambers. These hyperbaric chambers are pressurized chambers that have 100% medical oxygen that is made to dissolve in a high concentration by the pressure provided. This ensures the maximum supply of oxygen to all parts of the body, especially brain, so as to relieve the patient from several harmful ailments.
Hyperbaric therapy for stroke treatment
Strokes are caused mainly by the blockage of arteries and many a times by deficiency of oxygen supply in brain, termed as ischemia.
When a patient is laid inside a hyperbaric chamber for oxygen therapy his/her body is pressurized by providing more pressure than that of the atmospheric pressure resulting into dissolution of oxygen maximally into the arteries. In return the body tries to maintain the pressure acting on it thus the pressure inside the arteries increase consequently healing swellings of the tissues as well as removing blockage and relieving stroke problems.
Hyperbaric oxygen treatment for cerebral palsy
Researchers say that cerebral palsy is a state of brain in which the blood supply in brain is lowered and the metabolism in it also gets lowered.
Recent researched have evidently shown that patients who underwent hyperbaric oxygen treatment showed signs of recovery. As the blood supplied in the brain during their hyperbaric treatment, contained more oxygen and this supplied the brain with more oxygen approximately 20 times of the ordinary supply. Moreover richly oxygenated blood acts as neutralizer of toxins, thus improving metabolism in brain.
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