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Health & Nutrition

Daily Exposure to Learning Centers

(Art, Circle Time, Story Time, Music, Discovery, Blocks, Drama, Outdoor & Indoor Play Time)

  • Art: Here children are exposed to clay, finger paint, crayons, markers, colors, pencils, painting on easels, glitter, crafts, glue, scissors, and encouraged to develop their creative abilities.

  • Circle Time: Here students are exposed to literature, song, hand and body movements, stretching exercises, dancing, acting, and encouraged to tell stories, listen to stories, read aloud, create stories, predict what will happen in a story, and follow directions in order to develop their language, listening, cognitive, critical thinking & problem solving, and cooperative group skills, as well as develop their large-motor muscles.

  • Music: Here students are exposed to different musical instruments, toys that make noise, encouraged to develop their musical abilities, and enjoy the different sounds of music.

  • Discovery: Here students are exposed to sand and water tables that given them the opportunity to experiment touching and feeling different objects dipped in sand and water, as well as exposure to other science related activities in order to develop their sense of touch, critical thinking, problem solving, and sense of curiosity.

  • Blocks: Here the students are exposed to a variety of manipulative objects such as wooden blocks, mega blocks, cars, string beads, Mr. Potato, legos, and encouraged to develop and use their eye-hand coordination, imagination, visual discrimination ,mathematical skills, and analytical skills.

  • Drama: Here students are exposed to costumes, hats, props, kitchen furniture & supplies, doctor kits, dolls, cash registers & store supplies, puppets, and encouraged to develop their creativity, role playing techniques, acting skills, and imagination.

  • Outdoor & Indoor Play Time: Here students are exposed to outdoor and indoor play equipment and encouraged to run, play, use their imagination, and get physical exercise in order to develop their large-motor muscles.

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