Quatro queen size mattress online at amazon mattress !

Due to the globalisation and high standard living all around the world booming yo peaks in recent years the bed and mattress industry has also gained peaks in selling and profit making . Because of this thing there are a lot of options available when it comes to mattresses , and they vary in colour , material , size and all . So to ease you out we present to you the best in class queen memory foam mattress.

Features :
Three layers:
Yes , the mattress we are talking about is 10 inches thick and made out of three different material layers for the best shock absorption .

The first layer of this mattress is made of 1 inch thick plex air memory foam , it provides pressure point relief amd quickly tales the shape of the person lying onto it
The second layer is a 2 inch thick layer of quatro foam, this layer is designed to give deep quality support to the sleeper for a good long sound sleep, it hold the spine in perfect shape and alignment, no matter exist about sleeping position.

The last and the third is 7 inches thick , which is made of high density foam and will provide even more deeper compression support .

All these three comfort layers together distribute the weight properly on the mattress so that you feel light and good sleeping on this mattress, also this mattress is heat proof that means it absorbs the extra heat from your body and then expels it out in the room making you feel even better. No worry about offline payment , buy it right away online within an awesome discounted price and get to the hype of some good sleep

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