The story line of Grand Theft Auto

Among the many games that we have played and grown up playing, one game that has made it too far and a special place in the hearts of all of the gamers is undoubtedly Grand Theft Auto. This is one of those games that allowed you to do almost everything; one can even say that the content in the game was not all that appropriate for the people or the children who played that game. The game had an age limit and was made for people who aged more sixteen years and so. This had a lot of reasons and for that you have to know understand the story line of Grand theft auto.

Grand theft auto or GTA was basically based upon the gang wars and the shady culture that is present In the United States of America. In the game, the lead character was controlled by the person playing the game and was supposed to do tasks or missions in order to get ahead in the game. These tasks involved killing people, stealing things and a lot more weird stuff. You can literally just run anyone over with a car and run away. The game was all about money and respect. There were pretty shady elements in it as well such as prostitution and drugs. This is why one has to agree that it is not all that suitable game for kids.

Over the years a lot of new versions of the game have been launched such as GTA San Andreas, gta 4 pc and PS, GTA Vice city and many more. You can easily get gta 4 free as you can easily gta 4 download from the internet. Story line of Grand theft auto was really in depth and was a world in its own.

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