Top trends that are currently impacting corporate video production

Corporations are creating more videos than ever before and the advantage is that more people are watching these videos. It is now clear that for any business that wants to build a strong connection with their digital audience, the business must use video as the best tool. While video is giving corporations new content to share with their customers, it is still evolving. This means that businesses should not focus on the same videos that they have produced before since they will fall behind. For a business that is using a Corporate video company London to produce corporate videos, the business must pay a lot of attention to trends that are currently affecting what content audiences enjoy and expect from brands.

There are certain video trends in the corporate world today that impact on the effectiveness of a corporation’s marketing campaign. One of these trends is the continued growth of mobile videos. Over the past years, mobile traffic has been increasing rapidly and has now surpassed traditional traffic. It is therefore evident that video content for mobile devices will continue to grow even in the coming years. In fact, many experts now suggest that video ads on mobile devices will offer corporations the quickest way of advertising their products in the coming years. If a corporation wants to succeed with video ads, the corporation must tailor the ads to mobile audiences.

Mobile videos should be kept sweet and short, and they should hook mobile audiences from the beginning. Corporations must also ensure that they produce video ads that work across all mobile devices since this will give them a good opportunity of converting more of their target audiences. The second trend in video production is live videos. Today, it is very easy for people to access video cameras since they have them in their pockets. Having quality video content in real-time is now becoming a norm to most people. Many streaming platforms have now emerged such as Periscope and Twitch, which have actually made it easier for people to stream live videos anytime.

Furthermore, industry giants such as Twitter, YouTube and Facebook are now including live functionality on their websites. Due to the proliferation of live videos, corporations cannot afford to be left out and they should consider live video content as a necessity. Corporations can take advantage of this trend by using Corporate video london companies to cover their Q&A sessions, interviews and events live. The advantage of live video content is that corporations can repackage and release the content as premium content later on.

A third trend corporations should follow closely is virtual reality. Virtual reality (VR) has actually become a reality and is becoming a core factor of corporate video production. Facebook and Samsung for example are investing a lot of money in this technology. This should tell corporations as well as london production companies that VR is here to stay for a long time. But creating great virtual reality content is both challenging and expensive. However, the cost is slowly dropping as more players join the scene. Many more consumers are also beginning to experience virtual reality and this means that more consumers will be expecting it soon.

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