Wonderful tools will also be your property when you buy a piece of the moon

You are observed that celebrities and political figures have bought items of land on the moon and it looks impossible, but surely if you’re presented with the chance you would also like to be a moon land holder.

At Moonregister.com we current you and also guide you on how to buy a piece of the moon for your loved ones or for a person.

We offer 2 packages by which we include not only the lunar registry however some amazing tools so that you know much more about the moon, and you can also see pictures of the lunar plot a person acquire.

Along with the Standard package you will get two acres of the moon, a document of registration, along with your name or whoever you choose, a personal concept if it is the taste and also the batch amount you bought, plus you will also get a map inside PDF format lunar with some info of the lunar topography and also a book together with 50 remarkable photos extracted from the gallery of NASA.

In the High quality package, you can buy 10 miles of the moon, with all the resources that we supply in the Standard package additionally Atlas Lunar software, good for amateurs as well as professionals of astronomy; you can see detailed aspects of the moon for each time and date.

In each package deal to buy an acre on the moon the specifications are the exact same, you just have to fill out a simple kind with your personal information or whoever wants to can be found in the lunar writing, optionally you can place a personal message, particulars of the delivery, e-mail to which it will be sent.

The details about the credit card in which you are going to buy an acre on the moon, and that’s it, validate Confirm, and in less than Twenty four hours you will receive an email with your established registration along with the gift.

Enter now on our own website https://www.moonregister.com/, sign-up and get a lunar home right now.

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